Oh, would you look at these studs? Gorgeous, aren’t they?

Loveable Labradoodles has a beautiful breeding facility. Our puppies are born in a heated whelping room with plenty of room to romp around as they grow. Mom has a huge yard to freely exercise during the weaning process. All of our dogs are treated with loving care and attention. They receive plenty of exercise, hands-on attention, and house time. Our beautiful, caring teenage daughters also assist in socializing your future companion. We love our dogs and welcome visitors at anytime.
All breeding dogs are tested first for good temperament. When they pass this test, they are tested and cleared for Canine Hip Dysplasia (CHD) through the Penn Hip Method or Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). Their eyes are also tested, cleared, and certified by a vet trained in the procedure required by the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF). Only after this criteria has been met will they be bred.
Loveable Labradoodles Red Baron   ALAA-033354

Loveable Labradoodles Red Baron ALAA-033354

Meet Red Baron, Loveable Labradoodles new red standard F1b stud who we know is going to leave his mark on...

Loveable Labradoodles Studs

CD Dottie’s Warm Hearted Ward aka ” Sullivan ” ALAA-032545

CD Warm Hearted Ward aka Sullivan ALAA - 032556 Sully is our super sweet and cuddly Mini Australian Multigen Stud....

Loveable Labradoodles Standard Stud

Family’s Splish Splash ALAA-023826

Family's Splish Splash ALAA - 023826 Meet Splash. I wish everyone would take the time to come here and meet him...