Loveable Labradoodles is always in the process of raising exceptional dogs.

Sometimes there some that are so nice that you really want to see them carry on the line we have created here but are unable to use them in our own program because they are related to most of our current breeding stock. So they are offered to quality breeders who are wanting to enhance their own program with new lines.

These dogs are sold under a private breeding treaty and are not available for sale as companion dogs.

I do not ship my dogs to breeders who do not first come out here to meet the prospective stud. Please do not ask me to change my policy. I am sorry and I know it is inconvenient but this is a big investment and I want you to know what you are getting before you commit. I also do not have the advantage of being close to a large airport which puts much delay on a delivery with lay overs I cannot agree to. : (

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