Lovable Labradoodles Murielle ALAA – 043103

Murielle is as kind as she is beautiful.. She is quiet and ever so friendly wanting to crawl into the lap of any would will let her. She has beautiful coat and the most sensitive eyes that speak volumes as they focus on you.  Murielle has two other sisters in my program. Their own litter was so amazing it was  hard for me to part with any.. They each offer something unique as well as all the same qualities a Labradoodle should possess. The imprint these girls are leaving on our program is huge. I am so excited to see where the years of breeding strategy have given to us. Murielle is 25 pounds and has a wavy fleece coat with a nice bounce to it. She is OFA prelim good and is cleared for genetic disease through the Paw Print DNA panel and is Cerf Clear. We are looking forward to her future pups as they continue to bring perfection to our Loveable Labradoodle program.

  • ALAA – 043103
  • Mini Multigenerational ALD
  • 25 pounds with a caramel wavy fleece coat
  • OFA prelim Good hips and Normal elbows
  • Clear Paw Print Disease Panel
  • Clear OFA eyes
  • Sweet Sweet Sweet!