Loveable Labradoodles is located in the beautiful Central Coast of California at Atascadero, San Luis Obispo County. We have three and one-half acres of beautiful countryside. Before Labradoodles entered our lives, we raised Andalusian horses. We have always enjoyed and have been involved in breeding and raising quality animals on a small scale. Since quantity is never our goal, health and temperament are always top priority with our offspring.

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Types of Labradoodles

Loveable Labradoodles breeds the Australian Multigen Labradoodle and the American Labradoodle in all generations. F1 Labradoodles will be 50% Poodle and 50% Labrador and will be either medium to standard in size. Please note, these dogs will shed. The F1B’s will be 75% poodle and 25% Lab and will come in the mini, medium, or standard sizes depending on the size of poodle it was bred back to. This breeding is less likely to shed than the F1 cross. Your chances of low dander and low to no shedding are much higher with the F1B’s than the F1’s, and even greater with the Multi-Generation which is a third level or above breeding such as a F1B bred to a F1B or a F1B bred to a multigen or a multigen bred to a multigen. Much is dependent on the coat type which is often unpredictable with each litter. The Lab to Poodle gene pool is not always evenly distributed in every breeding, often allowing throw backs to previous generations. Our prices are based on haircoats as well as on generations. All of these generations have the same great temperament that the Labradoodle has become famous for.

The Australian Labradoodle

The Australian Labradoodle is almost consistently a low to non-shedding dog with beautiful fleece and wool coats as there have been many years involved in producing this wonderful and friendly dog. Because of its temperament and allergy friendly coat, this dog was originally created in Australia to be a service dog. The history and story of its beginning is very interesting and informative and can be easily researched on the Internet for more detailed information. Besides the consistently wonderful coats in the Australian dog, it is different in it’s breeding because it is made up of at least one-third breed beyond the Lab/Poodle cross. Originally there were up to five breeds involved in its creation. There has been much discussion as how to proceed in America with this breeding and it has been recently decided by the major Labradoodle Associations, here and in Australia – the parent breeds for this beautiful dog will be the Lab, Poodle, and the Cocker Spaniel. The Cocker Spaniel was included in the original Australian Labradoodle foundation dog bloodlines. Loveable Labradoodles is pleased to have our very own “Jack” who is infused with this new bloodline!

There is a wealth of information online describing this beautiful and fun dog. Loveable Labradoodles recommends thoroughly researching various generations, sizes, colors, and coat types prior to purchasing a dog. And please be cautious as there are breeders who may be dishonest and provide misleading information to sell their dogs.

Our dogs are trainer-ready

Loveable Labradoodles welcomes your questions and invite you to visit our facility. We want you to feel comfortable about your decision. It’s a commitment (and investment) to buy a dog, not because of price but because of time. These dogs want to be your companion and prefer lots of love. Our Labradoodles are ready to begin training immediately after purchase. We had our dogs “Gracie” and “Sydney” walking, stopping, and sitting, off-leash at only 11 weeks old. These dogs are people pleasers! Since they will learn quickly at this young age, it’s important to be consistent with their training. Your Labradoodle will remember it for a lifetime and the time invested in their puppyhood is well worth it – for both for them and you.

Double check your pick-up date!

Prior to reserving a puppy, please check the date you are planning on picking up your puppy and confirm it works with your schedule. We are unable to hold a puppy more than a few days beyond the pick-up (going home) date. It is very important for your new puppies to receive immediate training from when they are eight to 11 weeks old.  If the timing is not convenient, we may have litters will work better for your schedule.

In the past, we have had inquiries to hold puppies 3-4 weeks until pick-up. Your puppy will not benefit from delays as it’s one of most important times in their life. Labradoodle puppies thrive on early socialization and are extremely intelligent dogs who love to have their minds stimulated. From weeks eight to nine – they can be potty trained, taught to sit , stay, lay down, and walk on a leash. In just one week, you can potentially have a well trained puppy. Please do not miss out on this opportunity by not making it a priority on your calendar.

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